Defines Global Secondary Indexes for your project’s DynamoDB tables. @tables-indexes should only ever be paired with @tables.

ℹ️ As of Architect v9.4, @tables-indexes should be used in place of @indexes. @indexes will be superseded in a future Arc release.

DynamoDB is a powerful database, though different from both SQL and NoSQL databases. It is highly recommended to dig into Amazon’s resources to familiarize yourself with it:


  • @tables-indexes is a feature subset of @tables; as such, the names of your declared indexes must match those of your @tables
  • Otherwise, the basic syntax for defining @tables-indexes primary keys is the same as @tables:
    • Partition key, defined by a *, is required
    • Sort key, defined by **, is optional
    • Currently only *String, **String, *Number and **Number are supported
  • An optional name property can be provided to explicitly name the index. This is helpful when querying the index with the AWS SDK as you know what to pass to the IndexName query parameter
  • An optional projection property can be provided to explicitly define which item attributes get projected, or included, in query results. By default, Arc will project all item attributes (the ALL projection type as described in the DynamoDB documentation on attribute projections)
    • Customizing which attributes to project can be helpful when trying to save on storage costs
    • Note that once a projection is defined, it cannot be changed; a new index would need to be created
    • Acceptable values for projection are:
      • all (default): all item attributes from the table are projected into the index
      • keys: only the base table and index primary keys (and sort keys, if defined) are projected into the index
      • Custom: otherwise, you may define one or more attribute names to explicitly project into the index. Note that the base table and index keys always get projected


The following app.arc file defines a DynamoDB table with two named Global Secondary Indexes, both with projection explicitly defined:


  accountID *String

  email *String
  projection keys # only project base table and index keys (in this example that would be accountID and email)
  name byEmail

  created *String
  projection updated lastAccessed # only project base table and index keys plus the updated and lastAccessed attributes
  name byDate
  "app": "testapp",
  "tables": [
    { "accounts": { "accountID": "*String" } }
  "indexes": [
    { "accounts": { "email": "*String", "name": "byEmail", "projection": "keys" } },
    { "accounts": { "created": "*String", "name": "byDate", "projection": [ "updated", "lastAccessed" ] } }
app: testapp

- accounts:
    accountID: "*String"

- accounts:
  - email: "*String"
  - name: "byEmail"
  - projection: "keys"
- accounts:
  - created: "*String"
  - name: "byDate"
  - projection: ["updated", "lastAccessed"]