Ejecting from Architect

Architect makes it very easy to cease using it in favor of any another tool or framework, such as AWS SAM.

Ejecting to CloudFormation

In your project directory, run:

npx arc deploy --eject

This will generate your application’s sam.json + sam.yaml documents, as well as print out the necessary AWS CLI instructions to deploy your application without Architect.


It is worth noting that by ejecting from Architect to “raw” AWS or another framework, you may lose access some or all of the following:

  • Expansive, fast, and customizable local development environment
  • Baked-in security + performance defaults
  • Automated dependency management
  • Workflows for managing environment variables, logs, etc.
  • Single-command deployments
  • Built in testing, staging, production environments
  • Human-centered service discovery for machine-generated AWS resources

Either way, we at Architect hope we’ll see you again in the future!