Cloud infra for humans

Architect gives you the power to configure, locally build, and globally deploy web apps to the cloud using concise, declarative statements. Built on rock solid AWS foundations, Architect makes advanced web development a breeze.

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Seamless development, from local to cloud

Scaffold a fresh Architect project with a single command.


> npm init @architect your-app

⚬ Bootstrapping new Architect project

| Project name .. your-app

| Creating in ... /Users/LouisK/Developer/your-app

⚬ Installing Architect...

✓ Your Architect project is ready!

Get a local, production-like environment up and running instantly.


> npx arc sandbox

   App ⌁ your-app

Region ⌁ us-west-2


✓ Sandbox started in 12ms

❤︎ Local environment ready!

Deploy to identical staging and production environments in seconds.


> npx arc deploy

   App ⌁ your-app

Region ⌁ us-west-2

⚬ Creating new private deployment bucket

✓ Generated CloudFormation deployment

✓ Deployed & built infrastructure

✓ Success! Deployed app in 58.984 seconds

Why Architect?

Architect provides everything you need to build massively scalable Functional Web Apps on AWS with low code, clear and terse config, and zero ceremony.

Fullstack, for real

Architect not only supports cloud functions for HTTP but also web sockets, queues (FIFO), events (fan-out), and scheduled tasks backed by a world class database that boasts millisecond latency no matter how much data you store or how many people concurrently access it. All these capabilities, and more, with terse but determinstic Infra-as-Code (IaC).

The best developer experience

We prioritize speed with fast local dev, smart configurable defaults and flexible Infrastructure as Code. You can focus on business logic instead of glue code — and only pay for in-use services on-demand, while otherwise scaling to zero.

Intelligent, efficient iteration

Architect treats local development, staging, and production environments as first class concerns. Architect developers iterate fast with all of these environments and deployments only seconds away, leading to reduced latency in feedback cycles.

Infrastructure as code

Architect turns formerly complex cloud infrastructure provisioning into a build artifact, so infra and code are always aligned and deterministic. It then compiles manifest code into AWS CloudFormation and deploys it.

IaC: NP!

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) can be intimidating for even the most experienced developers. Architect's manifest file — which can be written in multiple open text formats — codifies cloud infrastructure provisioning as a minimal build artifact, turning formerly complex work into approachable, maintainable code.

See the difference for yourself by exploring the examples of Architect project manifests and the CloudFormation configurations they generate below. Or try the interactive Architect playground.

Ditch the complexity and vendor cruft. Get started with Architect today.

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