Using TypeScript

Architect and TypeScript work great together. Architect maintains a first-party TypeScript integration via @architect/plugin-typescript.

Architect’s TypeScript integration takes care of transpiling, source maps, source vs. build paths, and integration with Sandbox. All you have to do is author your functions (and, optionally, run tsc within your tests).

Getting started

In your Architect project run:

npm i @architect/plugin-typescript --save-dev

Add the following to your Architect project manifest (usually app.arc):

runtime typescript # sets TS as the the default runtime for your entire project



Author (or port) Lambdas in the src tree with index.ts handlers. For example:

// src/http/get-index/index.ts
export async function handler (request: any, context: any): Promise<any> {
  return request

The above function will be automatically transpiled by Architect to ./.build/http/get-index.js. The destination build directory is configurable, as is tsconfig.json, and esbuild plugins; see the plugin documentation for more options.)

When working locally, Sandbox automatically detects changes to your TypeScript handlers and re-transpiles them (and adds environment-specific sourcemaps) for you.

You can use TypeScript in as many or few Lambdas as you like, relying on project or Lambda-level runtime function config.


We recommend using the @architect/functions runtime helper to smooth over some rough edges in working with various aspects of AWS (as well as to add built-in session support, and other niceties).

If you do, TypeScript types are available in the @types/architect__functions package.

Shared code

It is possible to use Architect’s built-in shared code folders (src/shared + src/views) with TypeScript handlers while still maintaining functionality across vanilla JS handlers.

A sample tsconfig.json for shared code paths with a custom shared-ts folder:

  "compilerOptions": {
    "baseUrl": ".",
    "paths": {
      "@architect/views": [ "src/views" ],
      "shared": [ "src/shared-ts" ]

In the above example, TypeScript handlers can use a shared backend code folder (src/shared-ts), while still making use of shared code in src/views (by way of tsconfig.json paths setting). See the example below for a functioning project with this set up.

Example project

View the example TypeScript project on GitHub.

This example project demonstrates how to use both TS and JS side-by-side in a project, automatic sourcemaps, and shared code.