arc destroy

Remove the CloudFormation stack and all related assets (S3 buckets, CloudWatch Log Groups, SSM environment variable parameters) for the current project from AWS completely. By default, removes the staging stack.

Large applications may take several minutes to delete and by default this command times out after 150 seconds. Even if this command times out, deletion may still complete successfully as removal completes asynchronously in the background at AWS. To have this process block until all application resources are removed, use the --no-timeout flag (see below for more information).


arc destroy <--app MyAppName> [--production] [--name NamedEnvironment] [--force]


  • [--app MyAppName] Required. Specify the app name, located under @app in your Architect manifest, to delete the app from AWS.
  • [--name NamedEnvironment] If you ran arc deploy with the --name flag to specify a custom named environment to deploy your application to, use this flag to destroy that same named application environment.
  • [--production] Destroy the production stack of your application. By default, without this flag, the staging stack is removed.
  • [--force, -f] Force deletion of the application even if it contains DynamoDB tables (@tables) or S3 bucket containing static assets (@static).
  • [--no-timeout] Do not exit the process until all application resources are deleted.


Destroy the staging stack

arc destroy --app my-app

Destroy the production stack

arc destroy --app my-app --production

Destroy staging stack with S3 bucket and/or Dynamo tables

arc destroy --app my-app --force

Destroy custom named stack

arc destroy --app my-app --name Dev --force