@tables defines DynamoDB database tables and trigger functions for them

Table name syntax

  • Lowercase alphanumeric string
  • Between 3 and 255 characters
  • Dashes are allowed
  • Underscores are not allowed
  • Must begin with a letter

Table structure syntax

  • Keys and Lambdas are defined by indenting two spaces
  • The required partition key is denoted by *
  • The optional sort key is denoted by **
  • Currently only *String, **String, *Number and **Number are supported
  • Lambdas can only be values of: insert, update, or destroy

Note: .arc creates fully isolated tables for staging and production.


This .arc file defines two database tables:


  pplID *String
  insert Lambda
  update Lambda
  delete Lambda

  pplID *String
  catID **String

The example .arc above would generate:

  • people-staging
  • people-production
  • cats-staging
  • cats-production

Function code will also be generated for the defined people Lambda triggers:

├── tables
│   ├── people-insert/
│   ├── people-update/
│   └── people-destroy/
├── .arc
└── package.json

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