Interact with DynamoDB tables defined in .arc

Example, given the following .arc file:


get /

  personID *String
  noteID **String

  personID *String

The .arc file gets copied into every lambda node_modules/@architect/shared/.arc upon every deploy or restart of the sandbox. @architect/data uses a .arc file to generate a lightweight data access layer. For the example above the generated API is:

  • data.notes.get
  • data.notes.query
  • data.notes.scan
  • data.notes.put
  • data.notes.delete
  • data.notes.update
  • data.ppl.get
  • data.ppl.query
  • data.ppl.scan
  • data.ppl.put
  • data.ppl.delete
  • data.ppl.update

The following code in src/html/get-index/index.js demos usage:

let arc = require('@architect/functions')
let data = require('@architect/data')

async function route(req, res) {
  let result = await data.notes.scan({})
  let html = `<pre>${JSON.stringify(result, null, 2)}</pre>`

exports.handler = arc.http(route)

@architect/data also allows direct access to DynamoDB through a few methods:

  • data._db which returns an instance of AWS.DynamoDB
  • data._doc returns an instance of AWS.DynamoDB.DocumentClient
  • data._name helper function that returns a completely resolved resource name which is useful for constructing queries to tables or indexes

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