npx config

Scans local code for each function's individual .arc-config files and verifies the corresponding deployment Lambdas configuration.

The .arc-config file is an individual configuration manifest file that lives in the same folder as each Lambda it configures. This file is intended to be committed into your project git repository.

An example .arc-config file found at src/http/get-api/.arc-config:

timeout 900
memory 512
runtime go1.x
  • timeout is a number in seconds for the Lambda timeout; 900 seconds (15 minutes) is the current max
  • memory memory, in MB, your Lambda function is given; the value must be a multiple of 64 MB
  • runtime can be one of nodejs8.10 (default), python3.6, go1.x or dotnetcore2.1

npx config apply applies .arc-config to the corresponding staging and production Lambdas.

Config Management

Some further notes and considerations:

  • Currently the only options are memory, timeout and runtime
  • Scoped under @aws so future configs can be added in a mostly cloud agnostic manner while retaining a minimal footprint on the actual business logic of your project code