The cloud has its limits. And arc itself is an abstraction with deliberate constraints. Whether we label them constraints or limits, they are trade-offs you need to be aware of when designing your software architecture for cloud functions.

Sometimes things with the cloud just fail, and you might not get a useful error. This means: one must consider retries — including manual retries — where you create / destroy / recreate infra workflows (and, accordingly, .arc workflows are built to be run and re-run).

We call this situation immutable infrastructure to feel better! 💖

Cloud limits and gotchas

  • Lambda cold starts are vicious on large Lambdas; the best antidote is to author small as possible Lambda functions (rule of thumb: sub 5MB compressed, including modules, usually results in sub-second execution)
  • Lambda functions are time-limited to 5 seconds by default. This can be adjusted, however they cannot execute for longer than 15 minutes maximum. You can also use background tasks to break work down into smaller chunks.
  • Lambda functions require you to npm install to your project node_modules individually

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