Sharing Common Code

Share modules, templates, and other files across cloud functions

Applications tend to share logic, templates, and other assets. Architect gives you a simple, seamless way to share things across your project's many functions.

Given the following .arc file:


get /
get /about
get /contact
post /contact

You would have the following file system layout:

├── src
│   └── http
│       ├── get-index/
│       ├── get-about/
│       ├── get-contact/
│       └── post-contact/
├── .arc
└── package.json

Sweet! However, what if a number of endpoints need to share the same layout file, or some middleware?

The magical src/shared and src/views directories

Create either or both src/shared and src/views directories, and Architect will begin automatically sharing all files within them to your functions.

  ├── src
  │   ├── http
  │   │   ├── get-index/
  │   │   ├── get-about/
  │   │   ├── get-contact/
  │   │   └── post-contact/
> │   ├── shared/
> │   └── views/
  ├── .arc
  └── package.json

In the above example, files found in src/shared will be copied into every function's node_modules/@architect/shared directory.

Similarly, files found in src/views will be copied into just GET /, GET /about, and GET /contact's /node_modules/@architect/shared directories, but not POST /contact.

You can also specify a list of @http functions you want src/views to target by specifying them in the @views section of your .arc file.

Architect will refresh your functions' shared code whenever you:

  • Start up npx sandbox (or arc.sandbox in tests)
  • Run npx deploy
  • Run npx hydrate

Example: create src/shared/layout.js:

module.exports = function layout(body) {
  return `

And then in your Lambda handlers you can reference @architect/shared/layout like so:

let layout = require('@architect/shared/layout')

exports.handler = async function http(req) {
  return {
    body: layout('hello world')

Anytime you preview locally, run tests, or deploy the layout, your shared modules get updated.

Caution! Since src/shared gets copied recursively into all Lambdas' node_modules we strongly suggest keeping the directory structure as flat as possible, and the payloads as small possible, so as not bloat your Lambda functions and suffer worse cold starts.

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