Multiple AWS Accounts

It is common to accrue AWS accounts in this modern era of cloud computing. If you are lucky enough to have this problem: congratulations! It is a huge privilege to wield such awesome power.

AWS allows for multiple accounts by setting profile and region with environment variables:


If you do not specify these environment variables it will fallback to whatever credentials you defined for your [default] in ~/.aws/credentials (or C:\Users\USER_NAME\.aws\credentials).

Current ways to set these variables:

  • You can set these variables in your .bashrc (or equivalent); more from AWS on env vars here
  • Use npm run scripts and hardcode the credentials into the project
  • Add them on the command line when running commands (e.g. AWS_PROFILE=brian npx create)

🔥 Tip: Windows users will want to use cross-env for cross platform env vars.

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