DocumentDB and MongoDB

Using JSON-like storage

As an alternative to DynamoDB, you can use a JSON-style document store. You can use a normal MongoDB client (like node's mongodb ) to connect all three of these. Follow the node MongoDB documentation.

AWS DocumentDB

AWS has more recently included DocumentDB, a MongoDB compatible database for storing JSON-like documents. However unlike DynamoDB, DocumentDB requires persistent large EC2 instances to be deployed and running continuously. As a result DocumentDB can be very expensive even if you're not using it much.

MongoDB Atlas in AWS

MongoDB inc also provide MongoDB Atlas, which has a free tier. Note the free tier (M0) is only available in certain AWS regions - at the time of writing us-east-1 and eu-central-1. MongoDB Atlas also has lower pricing than DocumentDB.

MongoDB Server in the Arc Sandbox

You can install MongoDB server and use it from the Arc sandbox.

In the sandbox, you'll need to close DB connections for your lambdas to complete. This is a limit of the current sandbox and should go away in future.

DocumentDB/Mongo in AWS

In your lambdas (and, as of Architect Functions version 4, your middleware), use:

context.callbackWaitsForEmptyEventLoop = false

this will re-use the connection on the next lambda invocation (if AWS can re-use the same Lambda container)

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