Background Tasks

Offloading items into smaller tasks for offline completion

To ensure your user-facing lambdas complete within limits, you can offload background tasks to other lambdas. .arc supports both @events and @queues

SNS @events is a distributed publish-subscribe (pub/sub) system. Messages are immediately pushed to subscribers when they are sent by publishers. This is typically called a 'message bus'.

SQS @queues is distributed queuing system. Messages are NOT pushed to receivers. Receivers have to poll SQS to receive messages.

In the example below, we'll make a pub/sub system using @events and

Check the example on GitHub for a full version of the code described below.

Creating an SNS message bus

In your .arc file, we're going to create a SNS message bus called background-task:


Subscribing to the queue

In src/events/background-task/index.js we'll subscribe to the queue:

// src/events/background-task/index.js
let arc = require('@architect/functions')
let data = require('@architect/data')
let series = require('run-series')

// I copy paste this from MDN about once a week
function random(min, max) {
  min = Math.ceil(min);
  max = Math.floor(max);
  return Math.floor(Math.random() * (max - min)) + min;

function handler(record, callback) {
  record.taskID = new Date(
  record.status = 'received'
  // got a task!
    function save(callback) {
      // save the record to the db
      data.tasks.put(record, callback) 
    function progress(callback) {
      // after update the status to 'almost done' after 3-10 seconds
      let timeout = random(3*1000, 10*1000)
      setTimeout(function _delay() {
        record.status = 'processing'
        data.tasks.put(record, callback) 
      }, timeout) 
    function done(callback) {
      // update the status to 'done' after an additional 10-20 seconds
      let timeout = random(10*1000, 20*1000)
      setTimeout(function _delay() {
        record.status = 'complete'
        data.tasks.put(record, callback) 
      }, timeout) 
  ], callback)
exports.handler =

Sending messages to the queue

When we receive a POST message from the client we'll send it to the queue:

// src/http/post-background/index.js
let arc = require('@architect/functions')
let url = arc.http.helpers.url

exports.handler = async function http(req) {
        name: 'background-task',
        payload: {
            background: req.body.background
    return {
        status: 302,
        location: url('/')

When a user POSTs to /background we'll respond immediately, but we'll also publish the payload into the background-task message bus, for processing by the subscriber in src/events/background-task.

See the events reference for more details.

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